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Caribbean Youth offered Sailing adventures again on board Dutch Sail Training Vessel “Eendracht”

The Caribbean Sail Training Association announced today that they are again offering the possibility to participate in great sailing adventures to Caribbean youth.
In cooperation with the Maritime School of the West Indies in St.Martin and the SBO Maritime Assistant level 1 school in St.Maarten, two trainees will have a chance to sail from St.Martin to Bermuda on a week crossing in the Atlantic Ocean.
The CSTF has secured space for two Caribbean to embark as “trainees” on this adventure completely free of costs due to the sponsoring of the Maritime School of the West Indies with return airline tickets also sponsored.
A team of journalists will be on the same trip to make a reportage about the vessel and the trainees.


The tall ship “EENDRACHT” embarked several youngsters on board last season for trips around the Leeward and other Islands and on other voyages.

" We are very happy that the foundation “ Het Zeilend Zeeschip “ (The Sailing Sea Ship) that operates the vessel EENDRACHT, and the Caribbean Sail Training Association, gave us again the possibility to have young trainees on board his vessel" says Veerle Rolus, director of the Maritime School of the West Indies.
"We have been working with the Eendracht for several years now and we have experienced that Sail Training on board a Tall Ship provides young people with an unqualified opportunity to discover their real and true potential.
The shared experience of meeting the sometimes harsh demands of the sea brings a world of change to youngsters that have surprised educators, parents and psychologists all over the world and wherever sail training exists.

Meeting the challenge of a Tall Ship’s environment develops personal skills, teamwork, personal accountability, as well as leadership in all who experience it.
Students that return to the basics and the sea are offered a compelling learning environment.
This is even recognized by some of the largest corporations in the world who use Tall ships as part of their training program for adults because it gives their management and staff a quality of excellence that makes them better than just good leaders.
We have always sponsored opportunities from the CSTF for the youth to sail on board Tall Ships and other vessels in the past years and with the cooperation from people like the EENDRACHT we will continue to do so".

Rien korteknie, Coordinator SBO Maritime added : « As a Secondary Vocational School, preparing our youngsters for jobs in the maritime industry on the Dutch side in St.Maarten, we are pleased to have the opportunity again to have some of our students involved with sailing on a tall ship.
Our solid relation with the CSTF and the Maritime School of the West Indies on the French Side opens the door to serious ocean-sailing.
Even more important than just the sailing, is the exposure of our students to a complete different environment, away from home and working together with the crew on a ship. The saying is: "They go as a boy, come back as a man".

Other sail training voyages

The Caribbean Sail Training Association looks around for sponsoring and donations and then offers year round opportunities to sail on board the world’s Tall Ships free of costs for youth.

All youngsters that are born on a Caribbean Island (girls or boys) or that live in the Caribbean for at least 10 years can apply to sail on one of the vessels.

What are the conditions?
Age: in between 15 and 25 (no exceptions)

You will need a doctor’s certificate of good health.

You need a letter from your parents that they allow you to go on a sail training trip if you are younger than 18 years old.

You need a letter from your school (if you are still attending school) that allows you to go on school leave to participate in a voyage when it is not during the regular school vacation time.

Each candidate needs to send a motivation/application letter to the Caribbean Sail Training Association together with your CV.

More information can be obtained at

Sailing possibilities also for adults on the Eendracht

The sail training ship EENDRACHT offers also sailing possibilities to adult trainees at discounted rates for the voyage to Bermuda and further on to the Azores.
St Martin – Bermuda: 650 euro instead of 950 euro

Bermuda – Azores: 1000 euro instead of 1495 euro

For additional information contact Maureen Overdevest

Sales & Marketing manager Stichting Het Zeilend Zeeschip

 Additional information for the press


The Caribbean Sail Training Association ( CSTF )
is a registered nonprofit / charity association with the aim to provide education and sail training towards young people of all nationalities, cultures, religions and social backgrounds and specially towards people living in the Caribbean.
The goal of the association is to acquire one day a Tall Ship to run sail training and educational programs at sea all year round for Caribbean and other youth.
At the moment and already for several years, the CSTF provides Caribbean youth with opportunities to sail as “Trainees” on board Tall Ships and other vessels not only during voyages in and around the Caribbean but also on sail adventures to Canada, the USA and Europe.

In most cases, the “Trainees” sailing adventures are sponsored (all the sail training vessels ask money to participate in a voyage) and also airline tickets to the vessel’s embarkation and debarkation harbors are covered by CSTF through donations and sponsoring.

Web Site:


Maritime School of the West Indies ( MSWI )

The Maritime School of the West Indies is located in Marina Royal Marigot Saint Martin on the Simpson Bay Lagoon and is a school that instructs professional maritime courses.

One of the very popular courses is the STCW’95 which is instructed over six days.
Successful candidates receive the basic Safety Training of the Watch Keeping MCA approved certificate, an International requested and IMO regulated requirement that is needed by all crew serving on board yachts, mega yachts, charter boats, fishing boats, dive boats, ferry boats and all others that are working with paying passengers.
The course covers fire fighting, first aid, social responsibilities and sea rescue.

While other courses like the professional maritime tickets Master 200 Ton, Mega Yacht Crew, Small Powerboat and RIB course, Dive Boat Master, VHF Radio, Stewardess course
and others are mainly followed by mega yacht crew, other and recreational courses like the International Bareboat Skipper course are instructed to private individuals and even tourists.

The Maritime School of the West Indies is officially affiliated with International Yacht Training
( IYT WORLD ) and most courses are MCA approved and recognized in over 35 countries.
The school was also recognized for many years by the previous Government of the Netherlands Antilles and has in the past instructed courses to the Coast Guard in Sint Maarten and in Curacao.
Several new courses like GMDSS and others will be added to the school’s agenda in the near future and even a submarine pilot course is in the planning.
MSWI is also aiming to start courses at sea while students will be sailing and practicing on board Tall Ships and yachts during several weeks.

The Maritime School of the West Indies also offers free Crew placement services and has provided jobs to many youngsters from St.Maarten, St.Martin, St.Barth, Martinique, Grenada, Barbados, Curacao and other Islands on board many superyachts, mega and other yachts in the past.