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The non profit association Caribbean Sail Training is organizing an event called SAIL SAINT MARTIN.

During an "Open Ship Day" on Sunday February 05, 2017 several Sail Training Vessels / Tall Ships will be open for visits to the general public on the commercial pier in Galisbay Marigot.

The 65 meter (200 ft) sail training vessel ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT 2 and the 56 meter

(170 ft ) Fryderyk Chopin, as well as the 62 meter ( 196 ft ) WYLDE SWAN will offer tours on board from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm.

There is a possibility that the Dutch Tall Ship Mercedes will also join the event.


SAIL SAINT MARTIN is organized by the non profit organization Caribbean Sail Training and co-sponsored by the Maritime School of the West Indies and the company Life Rafts Etc.

The director of the Port de Marigot, Alberic Ellis and his staff have hosted many Caribbean Sail Training member vessels in the past at the Galisbay facilities and in the bay free of costs.

CST will provide FREE shuttles to the public on Sunday from the entrance of the Galisbay Port to the vessels and back.

No cars or walking visitors will be allowed into the port due to security reasons so the organization is kindly asking to respect the port authorities rules and take the shuttle buses.

Cars can be parked outside the port alongside the road to Galisbay.

Entree will be granted from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm and admission to tour the ships is free.

Ship`s visits will end at 4.00 pm sharp in order to prepare for the private function so we ask the public to show up in time and not after 4.00 pm as the port security can not except visitors after 4.00 pm unless they are invited guests.

As this event coincides with the Carnival Kids parade there will be a lot of traffic in Marigot so visitors have to be aware of traffic congestions during the day and especially in the afternoon.


The vessel WYLDE SWANN will again offer a Caribbean Sail Training Maritime Experience Day On Monday February 06 to youngsters from the Collège Mont des Accords and others.

During that day they will set sails towards Anguilla in the morning and help on board together with some crew to sail the vessel.

The WYLDE SWAN will return to the Galisbay Pier for disembarkation in the afternoon.



The Sail Training Vessels



The sailing ship Alexander von Humboldt II is the successor of the legendary Becks beer ship with the green sails and was provided as a complete new construction in 2011. The Sail Training Association Germany took it upon herself to built the first Sail Training Vessel since 1958 from scratch. This new vessel was released into the world in 2011 dressed in the same colors as the one before her. Her bright green hull can been spotted from miles away.


The Alexander von Humboldt II is a sail training ship in every possible way. She was built by and for sail trainers. She meets high safety standards and has modern nautical and technical facilities. The permanent crew members are specially educated so that they can guide the trainees safely and competently. Everyone on board is part of the team and participates actively in the on-board operations. The “Alex 2” stands for active sailing, team work, a voyage full of adventures and fun. She has the looks of an old windjammer built in the early 1900’s, although all the new technology is on board.


The ship can accommodate 79 people. On board all trainees will stay in four-bed cabins. Out on deck the trainees are involved in every aspect of sailing a Tall Ship. They are divided into watches and are responsible for the work on deck as well as down in the galley. Working as a team is important; even if you are just sunbathing on the deck, on the Alex 2 you do it all as a team. 


Shipping type:      Bark

Homeport:  Bremerhaven (DE)

Date built:   2011

Restored:   -

Capacity:    79

Length:       65m

Beam:         7,5m

Draught:     5m

Sail:   1360 m2

Height of mast:    32,9 m

Engine capacity:  Volvo 6-sylinder four-stroke full range diesel engine




The vessel Wylde Swan started her life as a ‘herring hunter’ in the 1920’s, working off the Shetland Islands.
She was a ship built for speed, ferrying the fresh catch from the fishing grounds to the markets ashore.

The Jemo, as she was originally called, was built by HDW in Kiel.
The ship was decommissioned sometime in the late 20th century and had changed ownership several times before the Dutchman Willem Slighting saw in her underwater ship the makings of a fast sailing ship.
Her sleek underwater hull is now part of a rugged sailing ship, reminiscent of the large schooner yachts of the 1900 era.
The hull and complete vessel underwent a total conversion in 2010 and became the “class A” sail training vessel which it is today.

Wylde Swan combines the majesty and tactics of the largest tall ships with the sailing characteristics and raw excitement normally only found on much smaller yachts.
It's no wonder that Wylde Swan is a fierce competitor for the first prize in any Tall Ships Race.

On the oceans, Wylde Swan offers world class sail training to people of all ages. The ship, the crew and the operational concept are carefully matched to provide sail trainees with the experience of a lifetime.

In port Wylde Swan transforms into a handsome location for corporate hospitality. Business meetings, receptions and dinners are facilitated with quiet competence, while the renowned Wylde Swan Offshore Catering offers up mouthwatering dishes made with fresh, local ingredients that are sure to lease any guest's culinary palate.

Technical info


62 M


7,3 M


3,5 M


43 M






1130 M2










12 PERS.


36 PERS.


120 PERS.


140 PERS.







The Sail Training Vessel Fryderyk Chopin is a brig.

This type of rigging and sail configuration was long ago favored by pirates because it helps to achieve significant speed.

The home port of the vessel is Szczecin in Poland.

STS Fryderyk Chopin was designed by the famous Polish ship constructor Zygmunt Choreń and was seen as another step in experimental ship building tendency started with the construction of the sail training vessel Pogoria in the late 70’s.

She was named in honor of the 19th century Polish music composer Fryderyk Chopin.

The ship was launched in 1992 and started her career with a spectacular performance in the Transatlantic Columbus regatta where she finished as third in her class.

Since then, the Fryderyk Chopin takes part in many of the Tall Ships Races fighting against the fastest tall ships in the world.

The brig was tested in extreme conditions when she circumnavigated South America with the perilous Cape Horn in the winter of 1999/2000.

STS Fryderyk Chopin is known due to her tradition of maritime education of young people during Class Afloat programs.

During the Culture Tall Ship Regatta 2011 the brig arrived as third and won first place overall for the Race Series in Class A in corrected time during the latest 2012 Tall Ships Race in Dublin Ireland.

The vessel is owned by 3 Oceans Sp. and operates as a school training vessel for the European School of Law and Administration, a private university in Poland.

The concept of educational sailing includes both short (1-2 weeks) voyages and transatlantic (1-2 months) sail trips.

During long journeys the young people attend classes according to a standard high school educational program and also perform their duties as tall ship crew.

Qualified and enthusiastic teachers motivate students to increase their knowledge.

Professional sailors on board are responsible for safety, teaching perseverance and respect to nature.

Living in a limited space with a group of people, handling sails and working on deck stimulates personal growth while highlighting the importance of responsibility and cooperation.

Technical specifications: 

Name: Fryderyk Chopin

Builder: Dora Shipyard, Gdańsk

Construction: 1990-1992

Launching: November  1990

Dimensions: length overall – 55,5m; length of hull – 44,5m; length between verticals – 38,78m; width – 8,5m; draft – 3,8m; height of masts from waterline – 37m; freeboard – 6,11m

Hoist of colours: 29.02.1992

Owner:  3Oceans Sp. z o.o.

Home port: Szczecin (Gdańsk until 1993)

Capacity: 305BRT

Displacement:  400T

Sail area: 1200m2

Auxiliary engine: 538HP „SCANIA”

Crew: 53, including 7-8 professional crew

Autonomy: 100 days

Max speed: under sail – 16kn; on engine – 9kn


The Caribbean Sail Training Association

The Caribbean Sail Training Association ( CST ) has been established several years ago as a registered nonprofit association with the aim to help in providing education and sail training towards young people of all nationalities, cultures, religions and social backgrounds and specially towards people living in the Caribbean.

In addition CST is continuously helping the sail training vessels by providing all kind of services, docking and mooring fees for free or at reduced cost to those ships trough yacht agents, ports and harbors, marinas etc.

The Caribbean Sail Training Association basically receives funds and donations from businesses, private persons and other organizations.
Those funds are used to provide youngsters with sponsorship to board Tall Ships, sailing vessels and yachts as trainees so that they don't need to find the necessary money themselves.

Many of the Caribbean youth or their parents and family are not wealthy enough to come up with necessary funds to provide their youngsters a sail training term on board a vessel, so that's where the CSTA comes in to help.

As organization, the CSTA selects cooperating Tall ships, square riggers, schooners, classic boats, large yachts and even modern race boats that take youngsters on a sail training trip.
The CSTA provides the funds (each sail training vessel needs to ask money from trainees in addition to other sources in order to keep working and exist), they do all the paperwork, arrange and pay for transport to and from the ship (and airline tickets if necessary) and will pay for food and drinks and most of the expenses for the trainees.

CST accepts requests from Caribbean maritime related schools, marinas, harbors and institutions that are interested to place a student on one of the vessels for one or more weeks as a trainee.
Private persons, youngsters and parents, living in the Caribbean for at least a year are also encouraged to contact the association to participate in a sailing adventure on board one of the ships.

Applicants need to have the minimum age of 15 and be not older than 25 years on most of the Tall Ships but sometimes older trainees are accepted on board sail training vessels.

The ultimate goal of the CSTA is to build, restore or acquire one day a Tall Ship to run sail training and educational programs at sea all year round for Caribbean and other youth...

The CSTA has also invited many school youngsters on sail training vessels, Tall Ships and yachts over the past years for a Maritime Experience Day mainly in co-operation with the Maritime School of the West Indies and other sponsors.

The Caribbean Sail Training Association has also sponsored harbor, docking and other fees for several Sail Training Vessels and Tall Ships in the past where local port authorities had not reached an agreement with CST as yet to provide free or reduced docking and other services to official sail training vessels that work with CST.

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