Caribbean Sail Training ( CST ) Friendly Caribbean Ports Page

Information for Caribbean Sail Training Ports

Thank you for reading this information!

We hope that you will agree to wave the regular fees ( or at least charge only reduced fees )

to the member vessels of the non profit association Caribbean Sail Training.

By doing so you will join many other ports, harbor authorities, immigration offices and others

in the Caribbean who are helping the official Sail Training Vessels to reduce their costs in

cruising around while educating youngsters (and on many vessels also older trainees).

Why become a recognized Caribbean Sail Training Port

Several years ago Sail Training Vessels, Tall Ships and other educational vessels sailed almost never to the Caribbean because it was such an expensive voyage.

Not specifically the Ocean crossing but mainly their stay in the Islands used to be costly.

In almost every port and harbor they had to pay mooring fees, docking fees, immigration and custom fees, taxes, cruising permits and other expenses.

In addition, the vessels have to pay for harbor pilots, ship agent services, expensive provisioning and fuel, not to speak about import taxes on spare parts and more.

Thanks in part to the Caribbean Sail Training Association's efforts and agreements with local governments, port authorities, custom and immigration officers and others, more and more sail training vessels, non-commercial Tall Ships and others, have sailed or are finally considering to sail to the Caribbean and visit the Islands.

On every sail training voyage, a great port of call adds to the overall experience of the crew and trainees, and 'sail training friendly' ports can really add to that good experience with needed facilities and services for the vessels.

Most of the sail training vessels are owned and operated by nonprofit organizations and receive volunteer help and donations to support their work and voyages.

The education and sail training that they provide contributes towards many youngsters and the society in general and deserves wide support and encouragement, not least from the Caribbean ports they visit.

Caribbean Sail Training has agreements with the company Yacht Assistance in order to provide free ship agent services in St.Maarten-St.Martin and some other Caribbean ports.

Caribbean Sail Training encourages Caribbean ports and authorities to support our member vessels.

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