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Good morning this is Jaheim Doram.

My experience on the Eendracht was good. It was very different from anything i’ve experienced before seeing that I’ve never been on a sailboat of that size before so i was nervous but everything turned out Great and even more than i expected. Personally the trip on the boat was very good also boat was very beautiful inside and out. It has been one of the best trips i’ve ever been on especially on a sailboat. Personally the food was very good we haven’t gotten one bad meal and we always got served breakfast lunch and dinner which one some of the best food i’ve ever eaten and also the deserts were very amazing. My fellow trainees were enjoyable to be around i made new friends and we helped each-other. overall it was fun being around them. The eendracht crew was very good they were helpful, kind and was always willing to teach us new stuff which came in very handy. We had different shifts on board and while on shift we would have done different things like raising the sails, doing different safety checks, cleaning and also being at the helm operating the ship and sometimes even being in the engine room starting the generators and the engine. The sailing was good sometimes a little rough. We saw different animals and we experienced kinda rough/medium high waves on our way back. Navigating the ship was kinda of new which was fun to learn and its something i’m happy i got to learn. We also learned to navigate using stars. Personally i was thinking on the doing excursions on land but i decided not to go and stay onboard to help around except for the time i walked around for an hour which was very interesting . Everything on the boat was good so there wasn’t much things that i didn’t like. And if any future trainees go onboard it would be good to learn as much as possible especially if your eager it make it far doing these things bcz its very fun and will always keep you on your toes.